Gabriela Munguía (México, 1985)

She has an Art Degree and graduated from the Master of Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts of the National University of Tres de Febrero. Her explorations and artistic production are focused on the fields of electronic arts, robotic art and interspecies communication. At 2011, she received a scholarship from the Culture and Arts National Fund of Mexico and served as a juror at the Stimulus Creation Program of the National Arts Fund of Nuevo Leon in the specialty of Plastic Arts, Video, Multimedia and Alternative Media. She was selected to participate at the Interactive Program 2012 at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Argentina and received a scholarship from the Center for Experimentation and Research in Electronic Arts, UNTREF. She is member of the coordination team of the SirveVerseLab, Art and Technology Program of La Paternal Space Project. She currently is associated professor at Maimonides University and professor at the Electronic Art Master’s Degree, UNTREF, where she also is part of the 3D Printing Coordination. She also has developed different workshops of electronic, robotic and bio-art for children and adults, and integrates de art Collective Electrobiota where she develops projects and artworks to explore different possibilities to generate new inter-species dialogues. Her artistic production has been exhibited in various festivals and exhibitions in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Canada and Netherlands. She has received several recognitions and awards: Honor Mention in the 3rd Edition Biennial Kosice, Latin America; Selection in the IX Monography Exhibition of Media Art at the International Image Festival; Selection at the International Competition of Electronic Arts and Video Festival Transitios MX_06; received a fellow to developed the art residence of the Talent Development Network, co-produced by V2_Institute for the Unstable Media and MAE-UNTREF; and 1st place in the 2nd Award for Electronic Arts of UNTREF.